• Create posts on Blog (Blogger):

    To create posts on blogger you have to go to your blogger by blogger.com. You will see a window like this

    Now click on New post red button to create posts.

    After clicking you will get a window like shown below.

    From here you can create posts on your blog. To create posts you have to give Title of your post and write whatever you want to publish in lower white section. After writing your post click on Publish. And your post will be published and will be shown on your blog. You can see your blog on clicking View blog on the main page of your blog.
    (Note: Write at least 200-400 words in your every post because it is recommended figure) 
    Example: I have a blog shown above in pic named as Animal Planet. If I give a post titled "My Cat"
    and write post details below "My cat is very beautiful" and click on publish then my blog will be shown as follows.

    In this way, you can create posts simply.
    If any question you can comment.

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