• Introduction:

    Blog Author Introduction:

    Hey friends,
    My name is Ahsan Siddiqui and I am from Pakistan. I am a student of Engineering. Making different types of blog and posting is my hobby. Usually, in my spare time, I like to posts on my blog. So this was my brief introduction
    Now I am going to introduce my blog, purpose of my blog and benefits of my blog.

    Blog Introduction:

    As the name of my blog, "blogtrixxx" indicates that this blog contains information about tricks and techniques used for making a successful blog. Points that a successful blog must have will be discussed later.

    Purpose of making blogs:

    There are many purposes of making a blog, for example, some people make a blog for their personal hobby, some make a blog to increase their and public knowledge and some people blog to earn from them. All these purposes are very good for bloggers. Therefore I made this blog to gain such purposes and properly guide you through this blog. So, guys, you are welcome to my blog. Comment on this blog and ask anything if you have any problem in making a blog. I will guide you properly and with detail.

    Benefits of my blog:

    Friends my blog is very beneficial for the people who want to learn basics about making a successful blog. I will tell you everything about making a blog; how to create a blog, how to publish posts, how to edit posts, how to monetize blog etc. 

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