• Earn Money:

    It is a general question that why someone would make a blog without any reason?
    There are many purposes of making a blog. Some of its purposes are

    1) Share your Ideas

    2) Share your Experience
    3) As a hobby
    4) For socializing
    5) To Earn Money

    Basic and most adopted reason to start a blog is to Earn Money from it. Many people start blogging but they don't know how to earn money by blogging and stop it thinking that it is waste of time. But friends I assure you that it is the best way to earn money you just need to show patience. It requires some time to Earn Money using a blog. 

    How to start making money with your Blog:

    Here I will give you few steps by following which you can start earning using your blog.
    1) Set up your blog (using WordPress or blogger recommended)
    2) Write content that gets a lot of traffic
    3) Convert visitors into email subscribers
    4) Use services on your blog to Earn Money.

    Methods to Earn Money using blog:

    There are different methods to Earn Money using a blog. Some major methods are mentioned below:

    1) Advertising Income

    2) Affiliate Income
    3) Services
    4) Product Selling