• Self hosted blog or a free blog:

    Well, friends, you can make a blog on different platforms like WordPress, blogger etc. Best of them is WordPress. After WordPress, Blogger is better.
    Now there are two types of website you can make using blogger or WordPress. One is hosted and other is self-hosted.
    This is the biggest decision you have to make before making a blog that whether you have to pay and get a top level domain and host or you want a free blog or self-hosted domain blog. Some features of a self-hosted domain are given below:

    1) You won't be able to get your OWN domain:

    A self-hosted blog is a free blog which is hosted by yourself. Wordpress and blogger both provide self-hosted blogs. These blogs have little worth and they have ugly domains. Your blog website will be like

    yourblog.blogspot.com (on blogger)
    yourblog.wordpress.com (on wordpress)

    On the contrary, if you purchase a top level domain then your website looks like


    These websites look professional and traffic automatically come to this type of websites. These type of websites get good rank in the google search.
    Beside this, I will show you a method from which you can get a .tk domain for free for your free blog on blogger. .tk is the high-level domain you just have to watch my upcoming video.

    2) Limited features:

    Free domain has limited features as compared to the paid domain. You can't properly monetize it because on your free self-hosted domain you won't be able to bring enough traffic required by paying companies like Google Adsense, Adsterra, Adrecover etc.

    3) Your blog is not your OWN:

    While you are using free blogging service, your blog will be hosted by some other website or company. For example, if you are using free blogging service on blogger.com then your blog is hosted by Google. Now if you do something wrong with your blog or post something nudity or something else which is against the rules of Google then your blog will be blocked by Google. How cheap it is means you have no authority on your own blog. So in free hosting blogging service, your blog is not your OWN.

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